Fresh from Dunbar’s smokehouse, from Local Farm-Raised Beef!

$10.50 Per Pound

When you order a one-tenth (1/10) split of a single beef, chosen especially for its naturally-tasty lean and beefy qualities.

A tenth split of a beef will typically yield between 20 to 25 pounds of top-quality jerky. If you enjoy our venison jerky in autumn, you will really like the beef version for year-round snacking. Our special process gives a jerky which is tender and chewable – great on its own, or paired with cheese and fruit, or even used in cooking!

Initial deposit of $100 with balance due upon delivery approximately 30 days later. Beef jerky is vacuum-packed in one-pound packages and flash-frozen to preserve quality.

Call Now to Reserve Your One-Tenth Split

DUNBAR MEATS (734) 439-7730

*Beef Jerky is for the sole consumption of the owner of the animal, immediate family and non-paying friends/household guests – Not for Sale.

**Dunbar Meats acts as your agent to source and process beef for you from a local small farm – we do not own the animal at any time, we simply provide services.