Fresh from Dunbar’s smokehouse, from Local Farm-Raised Beef!

$10.50 Per Pound

When you order a one-tenth (1/10) split of a single beef, chosen especially for its naturally-tasty lean and beefy qualities.

A tenth split of a beef will typically yield between 20 to 25 pounds of top-quality jerky. If you enjoy our venison jerky in autumn, you will really like the beef version for year-round snacking. Our special process gives a jerky which is tender and chewable – great on its own, or paired with cheese and fruit, or even used in cooking!

Initial deposit of $100 with balance due upon delivery approximately 30 days later. Beef jerky is vacuum-packed in one-pound packages and flash-frozen to preserve quality.

To Reserve Your One-Tenth Split

TEXT ‘beefjerky’ to 77222

or call:

DUNBAR MEATS (734) 439-7730


Tender Beef Jerky from Dunbar’s smokehouse is good for snacking right out of the bag of course, but can it be used in other ways? And can it be in flavors other than the basic Hickory Smoked?

Yes! Actually the flavor can be changed in nearly infinite ways by the following technique: Soak the jerky for two minutes in a sauce or salad dressing of your choice, then place under an over broiler on “LOW” temperature until the liquid has evaporated and the jerky becomes glossy. You can also use a spice shaker to add steak seasonings, or even cheese, as a final coating over your jerky sticks.


Michigan Cherry-Mustard Jerky: Michigan Montmorency Cherry Sauce and Gray Poupon Mustard

Korean BBQ Jerky: Bulgogi Sauce, Sesame Oil and crushed Sesame Seeds

Southern BBQ Jerky: Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon Sauce or Sticky Fingers Memphis Original Sauce

Steak Style Jerky: Heinz 57 Steak Sauce, McCormick Grill-Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning

Texas Style Jerky: Bulls-eye Texas Style Sauce, Longhorn Steakhouse Grill Seasoning

Italian Style Jerky: Italian Salad Dressing (your choice), finely-grated Parmesan Cheese


Cut Jerky Sticks lengthwise for Jerky “Straws”, serve at your next party with a variety of sauces! Cut crosswise for Jerky “Chips” for French Onion dip or soft cheese spreads.

Add diced jerky to soups, stews, and chili for a beef flavor boost! Add diced jerky to a bowl of buttered popcorn with a little seasoned salt. Soak diced jerky in Italian dressing or in the oil of bottled sun-dried tomatoes, and add softened jerky to baked pasta before it goes in the oven. Softened (marinated) diced jerky can also be added to boxed Au-Gratin potatoes or beef Hamburger Helper varieties, gravy, and boxed rice-and-beans meals.


*Beef Jerky is for the sole consumption of the owners of the animal, immediate family and non-paying friends/household guests – Not for Sale.

**Dunbar Meats acts as your agent to source and process beef for you from a local small farm – we do not own the animal at any time, we simply provide services.